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This very special and touching ceremony is a perfect way to end the school year. Students from Kindergarten, 5th and 8th Grades in caps and gowns conclude one phase of their educational career and begin another. Tears of joy ( and sadness) are shed, but the ceremony remains an important annual event.

Christmas Concert

The Christmas season is always busy and full of life! A very special event is our annual concert. Each year there is a theme, on which the songs and scenery are based. Students from many nations perform in English, Italian and even Chinese, to show their own particular holiday spirit.



Halloween is one of the most-loved holidays by our children. The students dress up in traditional costumes, go on parade and do “ trick or treating” from class to class.

Science Fair

Fun, enthusiasm and true learning are the results of our annual fair. Each student from 2nd Grade through 8th does his own project starting from a simple hypothesis and arriving at a conclusion. Qualified judges visit the school both to give advice and award prizes to the best displays.


One of the most beautiful celebrations done during the school year is Thanksgiving where people give thanks for all that they have. Students help to prepare, serve and eat the traditional meal of turkey and various sweets in each classroom. Students dress up as Indians or pilgrims to relive the first Thanksgiving meal and atmosphere.


This holiday is celebrated in the traditional way as well. Students wear funny costumes and a parade is done going from class to class. Traditional foods include lasagna and the Italian sweet “chiacchiere”.