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Elementary School

The elementary program is designed to enhance the natural development of the child which includes cognitive, social- emotional and physical skills in a stimulating environment of exploration, discovery and achievement.
The Teacher uses an array of Montessori curricula techniques, materials and activities to bring about the child’s total and unique growth. It is a belief among our staff that each student is capable of success.

Our responsibility is to provide each child with a rich variety of experiences that will inspire them to actively pursue knowledge, self mastery and to develop a sense of citizenship with respect and compassion for their peers, their community and their world.


Introduction to the elementary Curriculum 

The elementary curriculum is designed to serve the widening interests of the child who is driven by curiosity, a reasoning mind and the desire to understand the universe. It reflects Dr. Montessori’s view that the child in this stage of development wants to know everything. We start by giving the elementary child a grand view of the universe and then go into detail by examining its components, composition and the process of evolution. The subject areas of Language Arts, Science and Math are presented with accompanying textbooks. A copybook of each subject is created by the child. The entire array of subjects is connected together by focusing on the origins and chronology of each area of study.


In This Section

If education is always to be conceived along the same antiquated lines of a mere transmission of knowledge, there is little to be hoped from it in tne bettering of man's future.

- Maria Montessori