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Welcome back to School- Open House

Open House 2017-2018! Thursday September 7th, 10am-12. We do hope everyone enjoyed their wonderful summer vacation alongside their  friends and family. The teachers and staff are looking forward to...
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Dinosauri In Carne e Ossa

Our younger students took a journey into the past and walked among prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus, and Diplodocus. The students enjoyed walking the six-kilometer path inside...
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Italian Carnevale Lunch-

Carnival is considered a good time to celebrate, have fun and, obviously, eat! Chiacchiere, Lasagne, and Sanguinaccio! Mangia  
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Field Trip: Palazzo Zevallos- Fergola Exposition.

Fergola was the last court painter during the time of King Francis I and Ferdinand II of Bourbon.  His paintings depict scenes of a still strong and flowing kingdom. This is the first major...
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Royal Palace of Naples

King Ferdinando Di Borbone and the Queen Maria Carolina invited our school to attend the Royal Ball held inside the Royal Palace of Naples. Our students had a fantastic time dancing in their...
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In Italy, Carnival is considered a good time to celebrate and have fun. We would like to remind you that Friday, February 24th the school will be celebrating Carnival! We encourage the students to...
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